rainy days.

So much RAIN.  I guess it is better than a ton of snow but we are pretty sick of the indoors.  At least it cleared up this afternoon so we took our walk and went to the playground.  But this morning I was dragging my feet a bit getting to the gym so K asked for a “show”.  And this is where K chose to sit and watch…




I picked up sidewalk chalk at Target in hopes of a nice dry day but it looks like this will stay in the box for a bit.  I LOVED chalk as a kid.  I grew up with a neighborhood full of girls and we would always draw roads to ride our bikes on… on the road.  Ha vivid imaginations we had.




When we were all sick with the stomach virus everyone’s appetite was all over the place, even K.  He ate so crappy for about 2 weeks that I was sure my veggie loving boy was gone.  But suddenly that craving for greens is back and he ate A TON of peas tonight.  Broccoli is iffy with him still and he surprisingly didn’t eat too much of the chicken quesadilla.  But he had like 5 servings of peas and then fruit after so it looks like his appetite is back!




He ate so much food today it was unbelievable.  I am sure tomorrow he will eat nothing but hey that’s toddler life right?




K is quite the climber and I am praying we don’t have any ER visits in our future.  He goes up and down the stairs with no problem and we always catch him up on this ottoman.  We need sun + warmth + playgrounds!  And someone to pick up K’s toys every night…




J is working late so I whipped up a fancy BLT (minus the T) for dinner.




Now to give the chicken a bath and do bedtime and then I see some ice cream in my future.  And an early bedtime because work tomorrow!

37 days until the first day of Spring 🤞 



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