weekend recap 2.8+ 2.9

I made zucchini fries on Friday night from our Ninja Foodie recipe book.  SO GOOD.  They recommend to dip in marinara sauce but ketchup did the trick too.




We didn’t get outside much this weekend other than an afternoon walk on Sunday.  We are getting itchy for some summer lake days!




The indoor craziness continued… K always watches J roll out his muscles so he tries to copy.  Not as gracefully but it sure is funny to watch!




Baby belly is growing!  18 weeks and feeling pretty good.  I have been much more active this pregnancy since last time I was working full time M-F with a long commute.  I think working out has helped me feel more awake and energized.  Headaches are still my biggest problem but if I focus on drinking lots of water I can usually avoid them.




J and I had a date night on Saturday.  We realized this was the first time we have gone out alone since his birthday in NOVEMBER.  We went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse and it was delicious.  It is by far our favorite steakhouse to go to.  We both got steak and for sides we had Brussel sprouts and potatoes au gratin.




We had the bread pudding for dessert and we took most of it home because we were STUFFED.  We actually ended up taking a lot of dinner home too so we had a nice little Sunday leftover lunch.




I made corn muffins this weekend and have been grilling them on a skillet with some strawberry preserves for breakfast.  It reminds me of Saturday breakfast as a child.  We would go to this tiny place called Clixes and I always got a grilled corn muffin.  Sadly this place has shut down but my grilled corn muffin memory lives on!




Not too much planned today… we are headed to the gym for a spin class in a little bit and then J needs new tires on his Jeep.  I am hoping I can get an appointment at Costco and then I can shop while they install them!

Happy Monday!



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