k and dada day. super bowl. seeing green.

I worked this past Saturday so J and K got to spend some quality time together.  I was sent this picture while I was at work… J was “teaching” K how to pump some iron.




On Sunday I made cookies for a Superbowl party and K was quite happy to help with cleanup.




K is still all about mama cuddles, but come July he is going to have to share!




K was a quiet little observer for the beginning of the Superbowl party.  But at the end he was all about the crazy and joined in on the rowdiness.  He kept everyone on high alert by throwing balls at top speed whenever he desired.




Just a boy and his nuggets watching football ♥️




This belly can finally stomach some greens again.  I whipped up a quick egg scramble with spinach, avocado, and parm cheese.




We have been blessed with some warmer temps recently so we have had some more comfortable days at the playground.  This playground we go to is so tiny but K just loves it.




Why does the winter always drag and summer just flies by?  Here is to hoping that February doesn’t feel as long as January did 🤞



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