winter play. simple meals. stomach VIRUS.

We have been keeping busy outside still even with these frigid temps.  I just feel so much better with some fresh air in my lungs every day.




This sleigh ride lasted only 2 minutes because K told me he was “all done”.




Food continues to be some what simple.  I always have a weird appetite when I am pregnant.  Not much sounds good unfortunately so this night it was mini baked potatoes.




We stopped at a park on the way home from a family lunch on Sunday so K could get out some energy after sitting so long




It was pretty crowded even with it being cold out.  I guess everyone is getting cabin fever!




This baby is coming out to play!  Only 23.5 more weeks to go, but who is counting??




The stomach virus hit me HARD on Sunday night.  K was a little off on Saturday but didn’t act too out of the ordinary.  We went to my parents house for dinner for my sister’s birthday that night.  But he must have had something because both myself and my brother-in-law died a slow death on Sunday night and Monday.  Thankfully we are both on the ups.  I haven’t been sick like that in probably 10 years.  And being sick while pregnant brought it to a whole different level of terrible.  So this week has been unproductive so far.  We have been watching way too much Disney +…




I hear the stomach virus/flu is running rampant in our area recently so I hope everyone stays healthy out there!



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