K – 21 months.




you are so fun right now!  you like to give high fives and blow kisses.  you like spinning in circles and “getting dizzy”.  you love snack plates and always ask for “-nacks”.  you still love balls and you are getting pretty good at catching them now when we toss them to you. you loves being outside and MUST play on a playground if you see one.  you still will do your hand sign for “all done”.  your favorite words are ball, balloon, more, and uh oh.  you say “basketball” whenever you see a hoop and you know the difference between a basketball and other balls. you love to read books.  you love cheese, sweet potatoes, avocado, pears, waffles and belvita crackers.  you have mastered using a fork and spoon.  you are starting to like trucks and say “ka” when we see one on the road.  you are still sleeping great!  you go to bed around 7-8pm and wake up around 7am.  you take a nice 2ish hour nap around lunchtime.  you learned how to climb on the couch and you like to jump into the pillows.  you love your blankie and nuk.  you love making animal sounds and you can point to most our body parts.  you aren’t too keen on playing in the snow, i think you don’t like wearing all the snow gear!  you are quite a delight and don’t get mad or upset very often.  you are fun to be around and we love you very much!

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