winter air and the best pizza we have ever made.

Winter has really hit hard with some freezing cold temps and snow on Saturday.  I saw this info about humidifiers and it gave me the push I needed to finally set ours up.  We have one in our room but I want to get one more to have downstairs.




K and I have been visiting the library at least once a week this winter.  We went to a lapsit storytime last week that I thought was good so we definitely go back for that.  We usually still walk there but they are very cold walks!




I’ve been pretty uncreative for lunches.  An egg and cheese sandwich usually win since we always have eggs+cheese+bread.




I found a hiking baby carrier at a local consignment shop that I am excited about.  So far we only tested it out in the house but K is pretty keen on it so far.  I am hoping for a somewhat warm day this week so we can try out a short hike.




On Sunday we went out for breakfast at a new place near J’s new office called Dough and Yolk.  I had a delicious breakfast sandwich and that side of potatoes was so good!  K was a big fan too so he got most of them.




On Sunday night we created the best pizza we have EVER made.  The trick was to broil each side of the dough/crust for about 4 minutes each so it was nice and crispy and then add the toppings.  We baked at 400 degrees for 10 minutes and it was perfection.




Happy Monday!

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