braving the outdoors. cuddles. dinner x 2.

Yesterday we braved the cold again.  We took a long walk and then went to the playground for a bit.  K’s little hands were freezing but he ALWAYS takes off his mittens to play.  Very serious about the playground.




K is such a cuddly little boy, this mama hopes it never ends!




I made this delicious soup/stew again.  It looks so so gross but I promise it is good.  And it is full of nutrients so I always feel good about eating it.  I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand but it ended up just fine.  I topped it with mozzarella cheese that did not disappoint.




I laughed when I walked into the back room and saw K watching TV like this.  He has been really clingy when I am making dinner so I started to put something on in the late afternoon.  He really got comfortable watching Aladdin.




I made burgers for dinner tonight.  Nothing fancy.  I roasted potatoes for a side.




I am working tomorrow and trying not to freak out because we have the Joint Commission visiting and I am always terrified I am going to be chosen to interview.

Prayers that they leave little old me alone tomorrow and just let me take care of my people!

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