NYE 2020.

Happy New Year!  We spent our holiday in PA at Longwood Gardens.




The current display was called A Longwood Christmas.  The decorations were super impressive and we enjoyed walking through the conservatory before we headed outside.  K’s favorite was the “ball tree”.




The outside was just as spectacular.  There were multiple tree houses along the walkways.  They also preserved a lot of the history from the estate which I liked.  I love walking though old houses so the Peirce–du Pont House was a highlight for me.




K obviously had a pretty great time running around.  There were plenty of kids there so we felt okay letting him be wild.




We checked into the hotel around 3pm and relaxed for a bit before we headed back to see the light display at the gardens.  It was chilly!




This was K’s first hotel experience.  I would say it went okay… we didn’t know how to navigate bedtime so K just stayed up with us until about 10pm.  I awoke to a baby face staring at me at 6am.




Lets just say we were a little tired on New Years Day…




We stopped in Philly on the way home and went to the Please Touch Museum.  This place is awesome for little kids.




K was super busy and loved every exhibit.




When we got home we were quite exhausted and spent the night unpacking, doing laundry, and cooking an early dinner.  The holidays this year were fun but we are excited to welcome a little routine back into our lives!

Happy 2020!


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