christmas 2018 toys. hair chop. mall trip. cupcakes.

Last year K got SO many toys for Christmas that I put a few away to bring out later in the year.  I just found this one while cleaning out our spare rom closet.  Oops!  I’ll probably do the same thing this year but maybe not wait until December to take it out!




My super sweet friends sent us flowers to commemorate Kona ♥️ We miss you little pup!




I chopped like 9 inches off my hair the other day!  I love long hair but now it takes me like 10 minutes to dry and curl my hair so that’s a mom win!




We took a mall trip yesterday with my mom.  SO BUSY.  How are people still shopping??  K got to run around in the play place and we had chick-fil-a for lunch.  I am not a fast food person but there is a special place in my heart for chick-fil-a ♥️




I made cupcakes for Christmas Eve.  I did my little boxed cake mix trick so they taste even more amazing.  You replace the oil with melted butter, add an extra egg, and replace the water with whole milk.




We got K a train table for Christmas!  Since we figured he doesn’t understand Christmas morning we let him get into it right away.




I love our Christmas card cabinet wall.  I never know how to display our cards but I like how this turned out.




Enjoy the holidays my friends!

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