winter blues.

I am already a little sick of the dreary winter and it is not even January.  I think it is the lack of outdoor activities with a toddler that is giving me the cabin fever.  But K has been extra cuddly lately so it has been sweet.




I guess Target was a little overwhelmed with all their Black Friday orders… this is how my order arrived this week.  Like who thought this was okay??




I made chicken marsala the right way and it turned out great.  I used sherry wine instead of marsala wine which was a much better alternative than the cabernet.  I need to just remember to buy MARSALA WINE.  I had it with brown rice and some leftover brussel sprouts.




I am done with my Christmas baking and I have everything in the freezer ready for the holidays.  I think I made 5 or 6 different types of cookies.  I like to always have cookies on hand for a small last minute gift so baking ahead really helps.




I worked today and I am working again tomorrow so this week is going pretty fast.  Working two weekdays in a row totally exhausts me now at the ripe old age of 31.  But after tomorrow I am off until Thursday 💃

Happy Hump Day!


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