tree obsessed. snow. chicken pot pie.

Our tree is up and decorated.  K is obsessed with all the “balls”.  Thankfully the tree is in our front room which is gated off most of the time.




We got hit with a big snow storm on Sunday into Monday.  It was freezing rain first so all the tree branches were so heavy.  A ton of trees came down in our area.




K was unsure about the snow in the beginning but warmed up to it quickly.  I think the issue was more that he could hardly move in all his snow gear!




Unfortunately we lost power for almost 3 hours during the storm.  It went out while J was cooking chicken wings so after some quick thinking he finished them up on our wood burning stove.  Not sure how safe that was, but it actually worked out pretty well!




I will leave you with a new recipe I tried.  CHICKEN POT PIE.  I made dinner for a friend this week and doubled up the recipe so I had dinner set for J and I as well.  OH MY GOODNESS.  This was a total winner in our house, and in our friend’s house too! 🙂




The only thing I added to the recipe was doing an egg wash before baking to help the crust out a bit.  I adjusted the cooking time a little, I baked the pie for 35 minutes and then covered the crust with foil and baked for an additional 7 minutes.  It was perfectionnnn.




Happy Wednesday!

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