thanksgiving dessert. christmas tree hunt. pickles.

I made my favorite cake for our family’s thanksgiving dinner.  Thankfully it was only half eaten, so I have been working on finishing it up since Thursday 🙂




I made the same cake but put it into trifle form for our second family party.  If you have never done the “caramel in a pinch trick“, I highly recommend!!!  SO easy and it was delicious.  All you need is a can of sweetened condensed milk!




We went to Hidden Pond Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree.  85 dollars later we are the proud owner of Big Bertha.  This lady is large and in charge.  We definitely underestimated how much space this tree would take up in the house!




K was a big help 🙂




K loves all things sour.  Lemons and pickles are his favorite things to eat at restaurants.  He ate 1 1/2 big pickles at lunch!




We buddied up with friends and took turns taking pictures of each other’s families for Christmas cards.




The kids behaved (for the most part) and we got it DONE in like 35 minutes.  This little stinker didn’t smile much but gave us this little smirk.




I don’t know what took us so long to realize this, but going out for an early lunch is a good way to enjoy restaurants with a toddler in tow.  We get his lunch right away so he eats while J and I wait for our food.  And the crowd is usually a lot of young families so we fit right in.  So far it is working for us!




Hope your week is going well!



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