chicken soup. monkey boy. more soup.

The other day I made this BOMB chicken noodle soup.  I didn’t have celery (aka don’t really care for it) so I doubled the carrots and it was perfect.  After it cooled it really thickened up, so I would add extra chicken stock next time.




K has a current obsession with climbing on top of all the things.  The couches, his toy chest, any chair… he is actually quite good at balancing and standing up thankfully.  No injuries as of yet…




Is there anything cuter than a baby belly in a white onesie??  We have read this Thanksgiving book 1 billion times so far this week.  We are PREPARED for Thursday.




Over the weekend J made a quick run out to our favorite diner to treat me to a to-go french onion soup.  Soup + bread + cheese is the way to my heart. ♥️




Then made our own.  We realized the only thing we have that is oven save are our pyrex to go containers.  So while presentation is not there, the taste sure was.  We just watched a couple of YouTube videos to see different ways to make it and then did our own thing.  The house REEKED of onion, but our bellies were quite happy.




Tonight I made chicken francese using this recipe.  I served it over cauliflower rice.  I can’t say that cauliflower rice is my favorite but with the sauce and chicken mixed in I didn’t mind it.




I am working tomorrow and then Thursday is a whole day long family day for us.  And a full belly day.


Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 

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