parents night out.

This mama is trying to come up with some indoor activities that don’t involve being in the house all day.  So on Friday K and I checked out the library and brought a couple of books home.




Apparently the library tuckered him right out because he fell asleep during lunch.




We celebrated J’s birthday this past weekend so K went off to visit grandma and pop.  But first they came over and helped us get our wood burning stove out of the bedroom.  We never use it because it just makes the room way too hot.  It also takes up some valuable space that I need to be able to upgrade us to a king bed hopefully at some point… J?




J and I planned to see a movie on Saturday afternoon but we ended up in that area a little early so we went to Dave and Busters.  SO fun.  We played all kinds of games and we even even did a quick round of DDR which really brought me back in time… and mama’s still got it 😉




If you have never had the mozzarella sticks at an AMC theater than you MUST.  They are hands down the best ones I have ever had in my entire life of mozz stick eating.  And don’t even get me started on movie theater popcorn.  Aside from the food obviously being our favorite part, we saw the Joker which we thought was only okay.




When we got home we were pretty tired and almost stayed in, but these old folks rallied and we decided to go to a nearby town to walk around and then grab dinner.  We planned to eat at The Pasta Shop but the wait was like an hour and a half.  We didn’t want to wait until 8:30/9 to eat so we ended up at La Cucina which was on the way home.  We had a great bruschetta appetizer with ricotta and prosciutto.  We decided it was a great place to come back to with K because it was pretty casual and loud so perfect for a crazy toddler.




On Sunday we laid low until K got back home.  I finally finished the book I was reading and J pulled out his birthday gift, a new chainsaw.  We are getting old aren’t we?

Hope that your week is going well!

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