hello friday.

Not really Fri-yay since I am working the weekend 😑  BUT happy Friday to you!

I don’t have squat for wine this week.  We have been loving on our boxed wine so I haven’t tried anything new lately.

But if you want to check out my favorites…

go here, and here, and here.




Daylight savings had K all kinds of messed up this week.  5 days later I think we are finally back on a sleep schedule.  This was 8:30 in the morning one day this week…




K’s love of playing on the back deck is still going strong.  As long as he doesn’t fight me to put a coat on I’m okay with this obsession.




Yes, mama stayed inside on this freezing day.




We took a trip to the mall for some time at the play place.  I have a feeling this will be a frequent trip in the winter months unless I get more creative…




We are looking  to get a playground for K.  He loves going to the playground at our library and even though it is super close, it would be nice to have one at the house for when he is older and can go outside by himself.  I want a simple looking one since we are going to be putting it in our front/side yard so I don’t want this thing to be crazy huge.  I am leaning toward this one and then adding swings to the side instead of the rope climb.  I didn’t know how complicated picking out a set could be but there are all kinds of variations you can do.  We aren’t in much of a rush though, I would just like it up for the summer.




We are going to dinner tonight for my mom and J’s birthday.  My family’s birthdays are pretty grouped together so we often do a combo dinner.  My dad, myself, my brother-in-law, and K are all born within 14 days of each other!


Happy weekending!


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