food. fall. starbucks baby.

We have been all about the new recipes lately.

THIS SOUP looks kinda gross in pictures but I promise you it is so so good.  A nice healthy soup loaded with all the veggies and lentils.  It is nice, thick, and creamy without being full of calories.  I also added turkey meatballs one night to mix it up since we had a ton of it!




I made myself protein pancakes one morning.  My dad always made our pancakes superrr thin and I loved stacking them high…with butter in every layer 🙂




I made these pumpkin muffins for a friend and decided to add a glaze for good measure.




All glazed up…




Our back room connects to our deck and K LOVES going out there to play.  I gated off both sides of the deck so it’s like an extended play area.  He is so obsessed with going out there… he loves to throw all his balls over the railing.




And now he can climb up on chairs which he is super proud of…




We visited J at work and all his coworkers got a kick out of this crazy baby.  K got so many presents!




When I work a weekend J always comes up with an amazing dinner for one of the nights after work.  He made AMAZINGGGG chicken cutlets and vodka sauce.  We had it over chickpea pasta.




I always forget how simple and easy a taco dinner is.  I sautéed an onion and then browned turkey meat with taco seasoning and just let it simmer while adding in water.  I slowly added in more water until the consistency was just right.




J was in the mood for pot roast so I looked at this recipe for inspiration.  I added in red wine and played around with some other random seasonings.  Served over egg noddles!




Recently K likes to copy me and demands my empty coffee cups.  He likes to take “sips”.




we are trying to get in all the playground time before it gets too cold!!




We had an impromptu little Fall gathering at the house yesterday.  We have done this the past two years but I have been so crazy with school that it slipped my mind this year!  We last minute decided to put it together and it was great!



The star of the show?  Cheeseburger dip.  My girlfriend made this for a party recently and it is SO GOOD.  I loosely followed this recipe and served it with corn chips.  I will make this a million times again, it was sinfully delicious.



I made Halloween cupcakes for dessert and I used a trick I learned from Erin at Cotton Stem.  If you heat up store bought icing for 20ish seconds, you can just dip in the top of the cupcake and then you have a perfectly iced cupcake.  She uses this trick for cookies which works better because personally I like a little more icing on my cupcake.  But it made for very fast icing and sprinkling for these cupcakes!



Now off to enjoy our Sunday!  We are headed to an Apple Festival in New Hope, PA!

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