halloween 2019 recap.

K’s love of all the balls made his costume this year pretty easy to come up with…




We went to our town’s Trunk or Treat the weekend before Halloween.  K got the hang of it pretty quickly and loved running to the cars with his bucket out like, “Put something in here please!!”.




This night actually went way better than trick or treating on Halloween day.  It was too much walking for K and once he got out of the stroller there was no going back in.  Also, it started raining pretty hard after about 45 minutes which was a bummer.




We went trick or treating in our local lake community.  There is a Hot Dog house, a Beer House, and a Donut House.  Unfortunately we missed the donut house because it started to rain really hard out.  Next year!!




Oh.  And this is what happened when dada took his turn taking K to the door.  Someone only wanted MAMA to carry him.  Nothing new for this little dude…




His costume was pretty easy to put together.  Shirt from Grammy S.  Hat from Target.  Pants, socks, and belt from Amazon.  And his shoes just happened to match quite well!




K has now added balloons to his obsession so he got to get a Halloween balloon at the store.




K had his first lollipop too and it was a hit!




Our cute little baseball player ♥️

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