Almond Flour Pizza. Yard Work. Winery.

This weekend was a nice mix of work and play.  Except our play was sort of rained out and we ended up at a winery instead, but it worked out just fine 🙂


Friday night I whipped up a quick almond flour pizza.  It was good, the crust was more like a cracker we thought but it wasn’t bad.




Saturday was BEAUTIFUL so we were outside almost all day.  We got some yard work done and made some progress in our garage project  (just paint and smoothing out the walls for now, but were going to get a shed in the near future and then convert the garage back into our home gym).




We chopped some wood and got a nice fire going in our wood burning stove.




SO many turkeys in our yard recently… we have a lot of worms.  Is that what they eat??




Sunday we tried to go to Heaven Hill Farm.  I was so excited because this year K would have really enjoyed it.  Sadly the rain was pretty steady so we couldn’t do much outside.  We found a new winery instead and did a tasting and got a cheese plate to share. K ran around and made all kinds of friends at the winery so the day was not lost!  They had live music as well which always completes the winery vibe.




K was pretty pumped about the cheese variety.




This week is a busy one with school but hopefully it won’t consume the entire week.  I hope your week was off to a good start!

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