Gym. Balloons. Every Plate. Apple Pie. Fall Walks.

October is my favorite month of the year and I feel like it is flying by!


I worked on Saturday but was off for Sunday.  We hit the gym in the AM.  I went to yoga and J did weights.  I can almost bring my nose to my knees in a standing forward fold which is a HUGE improvement for me.  We forgot the kid’s care opens later on Sundays so K got to play with all the balls before we dropped him off.




Before we left the gym K found ANOTHER ball and played in the racketball court for a bit.




We used to be really into meal delivery services but then decided they were pretty expensive so we stopped.  But we just found Every Plate.  It is $4.99 a serving (not including shipping and handling).  We loved Blue Apron for the longest time but it is $10 a serving.  Every Plate is a good price and simple and easy recipes.  We like it for now just for some variety.  We have been in a dinner food rut.  So far so good with these meals!




This was the burger which was obviously delicious because burgers always are…




This was the risotto minus the sweet potatoes.  We forgot them in the oven… we thankfully remembered as soon as we sat down so then added them in the mix.  Also SO GOOD.




We are going to give this service a try for a bit.  If you want to as well you can use my friends code… LINK!


I made my first and probably last apple pie of the season.  Won’t lie here… I have been having apple pie for breakfast.  But I am the only one who eats it so I can’t make another pie for my jeans sake.




K has been playing with this balloon for 3 whole days.  Best $3.24 dollars I have spent.




Today we took a morning walk with friends before K logged a solid 3 hour nap.  Then we spent (wasted) the afternoon waiting for guys to come and give us a chimney repair/cleaning estimate.  Our window was 2-5 pm.  Obviously they came at 4:57 pm.




Working the next two.  First time working two weekday 12s in a row in years… wish me luck!

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