Weekend Recap 10.5 + 10.6

Saturday morning we hit the gym.  I went to yoga while J lifted weights and K played in the kid’s care.  I should have started doing yoga like a million years ago because I feel so much better overall.  I was having lower back and knee pain and now that I have been going to yoga 2-3 times a week for a month I can really notice a difference in how I feel.


We got back and did some cleaning and food prep for our afternoon at the lake.




We were supposed to be attending the Octoberfest event but they canceled it.  We were so upset!  We have literally been looking forward to this event since the summer.  So we met up with friends and held our own Octoberfest.




I made a cheese plate and our friends brought the most amazing cheeseburger dip and wings.  We had wine and beer and enjoyed the cooler temps.




2 favorite reds in this picture.  Joel Gott brought by friends and we brought over our bota box.  I have posted about the box before here.  AND I could have sworn I did a post about Joel Gott cab sauv but I can’t find it!  Coming to you Friday…  SO.  GOOD.




K played great and ate tons of cheese and Belvita crackers covered in sand.




Such a beautiful afternoon at the lake!




Till next year Lake Reality…




On Sunday we went to church and make a cozy fire for the first time this year in our stove.





J made a crap load of hummus today.  We will be incorporating this into every meal for the next 10 days…




We took a long family walk for our exercise for the day.  K ran out some energy at Silas Park.




Little outdoor baby ❤




We had such a good weekend, sad it went so fast!


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