October Coming In HOT.

It is a cool 90 degrees today and I am not thrilled about it.  Someone else didn’t mind though… K got one last play in at the water table!




He plays hard but naps hard 🙂




Recently we have been heading to a playground after K’s nap.  We have one within walking distance which is where we go the most.  It is small though and while I wish we had a bigger one in town, we have quite a few within a 10 minute drive.




I am in clean out the fridge-freezer-pantry mode.  We just always accumulate so much stuff between Costco and also grocery shopping while hungry (haven’t I learned??)  SO I am trying to make meals with what we have.  I made turkey meatballs and sautéed asparagus and used up a butternut squash sauce that has been taking up space in the pantry for awhile.




I have been starting K’s bedtime routine almost an hour early because he wants to read 47 books each night.  He grabs a book and then scoots into my lap… it is so adorable.  My heart melts every time ❤




I put baby gates on either side of our deck and now the dog and baby are contained so I got all caught up on random emails and things for school today while K played.  Except now he is doing this…




*sigh* It was nice while it lasted… happy hump day my friends.

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