Missing In Action.

Well it has been a MINUTE since I put anything up here.  School has been extremely time consuming so far this semester.  And I was supposed to work today but got canceled so I figured an update here is overdue 🙂

The weather has been wonderful so when I’m not plugging away on school assignments we are enjoying the great outdoors.




Someone gave K cheez-its during kids care at the gym and he recognized them when we were at the store the other day.  Mama gave in to allow the shopping trip to be meltdown free…




I planted a new shrub in the front yard so I need to water it everyday and K loves to run through the stream.  Water baby still going strong.




K is becoming more of a daredevil at the playground.  I have to have eyes on him at all times now.




He still loves to play in his toy bin.




On our last summer weekend down the shore K had popsicles with grandma.




We are still getting the hang of using a spoon…




Playgrounds are photo shoot time for this handsome big boy.




Crazy baby.




Happy weekending!

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