Weekend Warriors.

This weekend was going to be a beach trip but due to some sickness we decided to stick around home.  We tackled some house projects instead.  Since J works late during the week we tend to be “weekend warriors” when doing house projects.  The house gets neglected during the summer because of going down the shore so we were overdue.




J sealed the roof to give us a few more years until we have to replace it.  I tackled some yard work/baby duty.




We have been enjoying some beautiful sunsets outside our living room windows.




K helped mama clean… or made everything take longer.  You decide 🙂




Unfortunately my back issues have sidelined me with running, but we have still been taking long walks.  We have this great park right near us.  There are some mega hills so it is a great workout even just walking.




Ha this yard was obviously overdue for a trim… but now it is looking nice and clean!  I hate giving up “fun” on the weekend to do house things but that’s the life of a home owner right?




Getting ready for Monday!  School starts tomorrow!

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