Wrapping Up Summer 2019.

I feel like summer is really winding down here even though September still tends to be quite warm.

We are enjoying the cooler temps though!  Even though today was 90 degrees but I worked so it doesn’t count 🙂




We went apple picking on Labor Day at Pennings Farm.  We never go this early BUT we are busy the rest of September so it was our only time to go.




K had a great time running around.




He currently loves to “zoom” trucks.




I carried K in the Ergo through the orchard and he was quite happy to be so close to mama.




All the apple bites!




We had lunch at a local cafe.  I had my favorite wrap combo of chicken, brie cheese, honey mustard, and cranberries.  And the best side of pasta salad.




K had his share of chips.




We didn’t do too much on Tuesday morning.  Just lots of cuddles and playing.  In the afternoon we ran some errands and then went to the lake with friends.




And while mama was working today SOMEONE had an ice cream cone with Grandma.  Obviously he hated it…



Happy Wednesday!

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