Weekend Recap 8.24 + 8.25.

Last weekend K and I headed down the shore with fam since J had to work on Saturday and then had a “guys day” planned for Sunday.

We left Friday morning and hit no traffic so the drive was a breeze.  We fussed around the house for a bit before we decided to head to the mall since the weather was a little chilly.




This mall had a nice play area but not my favorite stores.  K had a great time though!




For dinner on Friday, Mom and I tried this new place called Mad Fish which is actually in the same building as our favorite breakfast spot.  We shared the seafood platter and it was AMAZING.  K had chicken fingers which he was quite a fan of.  Everything was so fresh!




I am a Starbucks girl to the core but I had this Carmel Craze Latte from Dunkin and it was so delicious.




On Saturday we headed to the Popcorn Park Zoo.  This zoo is a sanctuary for animals who were in a situation where they were facing death or some other dangerous circumstance.




Hangin’ with gramps.




There was such a weird assortment of animals.  But they all had little plaques about why they were there which was fun to read.




K obviously was most interested in the random geese…




We headed to the beach later in the day.




We did our usually BBQ dinner on Saturday night while K got the rest of his energy out during happy hour.




Our morning walks were chilly!  But felt so good!




One cool dude.




We came home on Sunday and got to relax a bit and catch up with J.




I am kinda sad that summer is winding down but also excited for all things Fall!

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