Molars. Humidity. Veggies4life.

We have been cutting molars in this household.  All the cuddles are being had.  This mama don’t mind.  These pictures are from ONE DAY.



We have the best little playground within walking distance from the house.  K loves it there.  Action shot from a trip to the playground.  Can’t drop those snacks!




K finally likes the tub again.  He went through a short phase of HATING it and it was so hard to get him in there.  Not sure what changed but all is well again.




Cuddles with his favorite blankie subbed for cuddles with mom at times…




It has been super hot and muggy here so we haven’t done much time outside.




Unless we are near a body of water…




I feel like I am always trying to get more veggies in my life.  I used to meal prep a big pan of random roasted vegetables each week.  Note to self… get back on that train!




Happy Tuesday!


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