Sunday Funday. Work Day. Mall Trip.

Cue me whining… SUMMER IS GOING TOO FAST.  I can’t believe that it is already Wednesday this week.

This past Sunday we went to Church and then spent the afternoon relaxing in the grass at Warwick Winery.  It was such a beautiful day out!






My two people watchers.




K found a new friend.




I worked on Monday and discovered that Starbucks has the most expensive and delicious grilled cheese sandwich.




K had a great time with Grandma that day.






K and I did some shopping on Tuesday.  This little veggie and fruit store near us always has blue thistle which I never see and it is my favorite so it makes me happy when I find it.




I wasted 1 dollar on a ride at the mall because someone wanted to go on and then decided it was scary.




And then the mall play area was CLOSED, so K just ran around the mall like a crazy man for an hour.




We visited the puppies and I found one to take home…  just kidding J would kill me.




During dinnertime K started to really master the spoon!




And the ball obsession is still going strong.




Happy Hump Day!


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