Vaca Mode.

We are enjoying time down the Jersey shore on our summer vacation.  We have had the best weather so far, though today is the first day with a little rain.




We haven’t done anything fancy so far… just lots of beach time and beach naps.






Oh actually J and I got to go out for date night while my mom and dad watched K.  Genevieve’s in Seaside Park is AMAZING.  We will for sure go back.




We had the best burrata appetizer that we have ever had in our lives.  For dinner we both ordered steak and it did not disappoint.  AND the ambience was just lovely.





K’s ball collection has now probably reached 17.




Kona has been straight up chillin’ down the shore.  Well, that a lie.  She has been busy barking at everything that moves.  But here she looks chill…




Loving our morning walks with breakfast to-go.




And developing a not-so-great habit of ice cream every night. But hey, vacation right?




A couple more days to go!

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