Weekend Recap 7.27 + 7.28

We finally got ourselves back down the shore this past weekend.  We missed it!

K and I took many morning walks at 6am… early wake up call but it is my favorite time of the day because it is so quiet and peaceful.




Kona got her exercise too.




We passed the playground one morning and someone HAD to get out and play.  K points and grunts and makes his wants KNOWN.




We spent most of our time at the beach.  It was hot and the water was PERFECT!




This little pool has been the beach MVP.




Snoozes on the beach.






I still think it looks so funny seeing him eat a sandwich.  K loves PB + J.




The ball obsession continues!!




This portable high chair has been another wonderful thing for down the shore.  It is super comfy for K and folds up nice and small.




I make an Eggplant Parmesan for us to all have for dinner one night.  It is super simple but time consuming to make.  But so good!




We finished up the weekend with a family game night.  We played Yahtzee and I lost terribly ha but forgot how fun the game is!



Hope your weekend was fun and relaxing!


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