Lazy Summer + Lake Days.

This week has been HOT.  We are suffering through some 90 degree hot + humid days over here.  I don’t mind heat at all, but the HUMIDITY just kills me.  Where can I go for some dry heat… Arizona??

K learned how to drink from my water bottles and of course now it is all he wants to do.




We have been cooling off at the lake.  We saw a water snake yesterday and I can’t say I was pleased… I was on high alert the whole time because snakes are a NO GO for me.




K found a ball there and played with it literally the whole time.  The ball obsession continues to be strong.




Also, crawling under the dining room table and getting stuck is a new pastime of his.




When we first got to the lake I was setting up our spot and K made a break for the water. He was TOTALLY SAFE, so I grabbed a quick picture before disrobing the water baby.




Snacks for dayzzz.




K and I shared some cheesy eggs with Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning.  I saw that now Costco carries a dup of it but I feel the need to stay true to TJ’s because they introduced me to this wonderful addition to all the foods first.  But we know how much I love Costco too so I am torn…




Ugh granola bar in the car seat = crumbs in every crevice.




This week so far I made slow cooker chicken thighs + fresh green beans for lunches.  Fresh green beans are SO much better than frozen or pre-packaged.  My grandfather used to grow his own in his backyard and I have such good memories picking the beans and taking some home.  I also cooked up sweet potatoes and zucchini fries and J took that for lunch with a leftover burger patty.  I forgot how easy and delicious zucchini fries are!


SO easy and healthy:

zucchini fries:  slice into fry shape.  coat in egg + bread crumbs.  add italian  seasoning.  bake at 375 degrees until browned.

sweet potatoes:  dice and coat with olive oil + pepper.  bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

slow cooker chicken thighs: make a marinade in the slow cooker with about 3 tbsp of basil + olive oil + a splash of apple cider vinegar.  Make sure you have enough marinade so the chicken will be almost fully covered.  Add in chicken thighs to slow cooker and cook on low for 12 hours.




Now to do baby bedtime… wish me luck.  We are transitioning to 1 nap.  So far so good…

I hope your day was wonderful 🙂

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