Weekend Recap 7.13 + 7.14

We had a weekend at home since mama and papa w were having their friends down the shore.




We spent much of Saturday at the lake.  Our family of 3 ate an ENTIRE WATERMELON this weekend.  I think K ate most of it…








We went to Church on Sunday morning.  While getting ready K was all about peeking at us in the shower.  It is quite funny to see his little face pop through the curtain.  Ha too young to teach privacy right??




We spent the afternoon at Nyack Street Fair.  I remember going to this fair as a teenager with my parents.  It has gotten so much bigger!  I love Nyack.  It reminds me a bit of Montclair, where J and I used to live.  Fun shops, cool bars, and interesting walks looking at all the unique houses.




It was a hot one!




Mac and cheese from one of the food trucks.




When we got home J tackled a quick garage project while K and I played a bit.




Sigh, clothes on in the water.  He did the same thing to me today at the lake, he is so quick!




Much needed bath time.




Hope your weekend was both fun and relaxing!

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