Alstede Farms- Chester, NJ.

Our little trio had such a fun Sunday together!  We started the day heading to Church and J and I both agreed that the message was something we needed to hear and really hit home.  Cool when that happens huh?

After Church K grabbed a car nap and we headed out to Alstede Farms in Chester.




We first checked out all the animals.  K didn’t know what to think of them… he kept on saying “shh” which is what he says to Kona.  Ha maybe he currently thinks all animals are dogs?  It was funny to watch him take it all in.




Next we went berry picking.  Fresh picked berries are SO AMAZING.  I think this is the first time that I ever went berry picking and now it will be hard to go back to store bought berries.




K decided it would be cool to pee his pants… so we had those out to dry.




I had quite the obsession with picking raspberries.  I never really thought about the empty middle of a raspberry… so when you pick them, they come off the branch, the seed (is it the seed?) stays behind.  I was fascinated haha.




The blueberry bushes were so pretty!  I wish we got more sun in our yard so we could plant a few.




K was parked next to the blueberry bushes and this kid LOVES blueberries.  He starting picking his own and eating them!!




So many berries!  And we got some peaches!




The farm was so beautiful we took lots of cool pictures.




We did a wine tasting when we got back to the farm store.  Eh… Jersey wines never thrill me.  But it was fun to try a few.




We finished up the afternoon with some homemade ice cream.




This was K’s maybe second time having ice cream, he was alllll about it.




SUCH a fun day, so glad we braved the heat!!




Ha and I promise K had fun too 🙂

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