“Baby, you’re a firework.”

We had a simple 4th of July over here.  I was on call for work so I needed to be close to home just in case.




I have a new obsession with drinking water out of a large mason jar.  Ha I guess I just like how it looks?




We spent some time at the lake which was nice refreshing.  K was a little fish in the water and enjoyed all the snacks as usual.




K must have been exhausted because he took an amazing 2 hour afternoon nap!  Then we played at the house while J prepped to install our new mailbox.  I have always hated our mailbox (it is one of those big plastic ones) so I am pretty exited about the new one!  Also, I tried White Claw hard seltzer for the first time.  So good!




He loves his little pool.  Best 12 dollars I have spent 🙂




After K went to bed we grilled and sat outside since it finally cooled down a bit.  We made THE BEST burgers.  We didn’t even do anything special.  Well actually we got 80/20 beef and we usually do 90/10 so maybe that was why…




A successful 4th of July!

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