Smoothies + Lake Day.


On Monday morning I did a sweaty spin class at the gym.  I absolutely love this trainer.  She has the best music which really makes or breaks the class!

Refueled at home with a smoothie.

In the mix: berries + banana + protein powder + milk + chia seeds + spinach


We spent the afternoon at the lake with friends.  I set up before the lifeguards arrived and didn’t realize how close they sit… we ended up sharing a cute little spot on the beach together.  Ha NOTED, next time will plan space accordingly.



The kiddos had the run of the beach pretty much which had us mamas chasing them all over.



There is a deli next to the lake that I have yet to try.  I hear good things though so one of these days I’m gonna have to try it out.  But today it was good old PB +J for me.  K spent half the time there eating as usual.



It was a good way to spend a hot summer day 🙂

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