Seaside Park 6.29 + 6.30

Saturday and Sunday brought us some more wonderful weather.  We had a crazy thunder + wind + rain storm on Saturday night which was pretty cool to watch.  There is a light post across the street that we are betting won’t survive a heavy wind storm so it provides us with some entertainment during big storms.

J and I had to start the days early since K likes 5am wake up times when down the shore.  We must have walked 5 miles before 8am on Sunday morning…




All that walking worked up an appetite though and we had a great breakfast at our favorite spot 3 C’s Luncheonette.




K oddly enough loves to eat lemons…




We beached the days away.






We grabbed some family pics before we packed up for home.




One of us looks a lot different than last year!!




We were so sad to head home.  But it was a nice relaxing weekend and we will be back!

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