Seaside Park 6.27 + 6.28


We are enjoying a hot and sunny vacation so far at the Jersey Shore.




We have been enjoying our (thanks to K, way too early) morning walks.




And having lunch on the beach.




Ha and we have salad dressing options for days down here.  And this is just a quarter of them…




The boys went fishing.




The girls + baby went to the farmers market, took a bike ride, and played the afternoon away on the beach.




But someone couldn’t hang and needed a snooze.




Breakfasts = yogurt + granola + banana + baby hand




So much playing.  We have been falling into bed each night, just how summer should be!




We love walking to the bay to see the sunset.  It is such a relaxing way to spend the end of the night.




We are feeling so so lucky that my parents are finally living their dream of having a family shore house.  It is a nice getaway and so easy to do with the babe in tow.




I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



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