Wine-ding Down The Week 43

It rained the WHOLE week here in NJ.  K and I had a mundane last 3 days with not much to share.  And now I am working the weekend so obviously it is going to be perfectly sunny and beautiful.  Humph.

ANYWAYS, it was good because I got a lot of little house projects done.


I have never tried this type of wine before.  I had to do a little google to learn about it.  So Vinho Verde it is not even a type of grape, it is the region in Portugal where it is produced.  It is very light and bubbly + tropical and crisp in flavor.  I read that it is referred to as the “soda pop for adults”!

Not sure if I would get it again, it was a nice change but I like my wine smoother without the little bubbles.  But I picked this up at Costco for under 10 bucks if anyone is interested in trying it!

Vinho Verde
2017 Seaside Cellars

Rating: 7 out of 10


Enjoy the weekend!

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