Spin + Smoothies + Playtime.

J made fun of me this morning because I get so mad when I work the weekend and it is beautiful both days and then Monday rolls around and it rains all. day. long.  UGH!


K and I hit the gym for my AM spin class which was amazing + challenging.  I was embarrassingly sweaty.


The rest of the morning it only drizzled so I took my smoothie outside and cleaned out my car during K’s nap.




We went to Target for some coffee, groceries, and to walk around a bit because that is my favorite rainy day activity.


In the afternoon K worked on his walking skills, he is SO SO close to being independent.  We played with toys until nap time.  He fell head first into his bin of toys which was quite funny except he was not thrilled.




He needed a quick mama snuggle to get through it.




He was pretty content playing solo today which was awesome.  I caught up on e-mails and tackled some of my “paperwork stuff” to do list.




We are about to hit the tub (well, K is even though a bath sounds REAL NICE right now).




My Real Simple magazine had some amazing recipes this month.  So far I have made two of them and will share this week!

Hope your Monday was swell! 

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