Smoothies + Nap Time Workouts. Home Water Park. Hungry Baby.


The day started with a smoothie.

berries + spinach + 1/2 banana + milk.




We had lunch with the fam today.  It is always nice for the weekly catch up.  We rushed home for a nap for baby and workout for mom.  I kicked my little booty doing an hour of running up and down our hill of a driveway + squats + plyometrics + jump rope.  I was so pooped by the end of it.  But it was a great workout 👍

We spent the late afternoon outside at our little makeshift water park.  Ha, aka a pool and splash table.  He was busy for almost an hour though so I will take it!










K ate a freaking man-sized dinner.  It was unbelievable.




He still refuses to walk on his own but he is quite a speedster with his walker.




We plan to spend some time at the lake tomorrow to finish up day 3 of mama + K days before I work the weekend.

For all you not working the weekend, ONE MORE DAY!

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