DTS Again.

We had yet another questionable weather forecast that turned into an absolutely beautiful shore weekend.




We headed down on Friday night and left at K’s bedtime hour.  It was a a slight disaster.  I thought he would sleep the whole way down but he woke up twice and then was all thrown off when we got there.  So much for the smooth car to crib transfer…




Saturday morning we had the most phenomenal breakfast EVER.  We got eggs benedict but sub’ed bacon instead of Canadian ham.  Super healthy.  I am so mad I didn’t take a picture because J and I embarrassingly got this breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning.  It was that good.  Ha it held us over until dinner both days.  Also K ate SO much this weekend… ha it was almost comical the amount of food he put down.




We hit the beach both days and K LOVED it.




We walked the boardwalk and K rode some “rides”.




We were kind to the environment and saved on using a dish… 😉




J and I had a nice Saturday night with wine + takeout.




We have the best time down the shore and all the extra hands with K make it quite a nice weekend!



Until next time Jersey Shore…

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