Rain, Rain, GO AWAY.

It has been a gloomy + rainy week so far.  We were stuck inside today which is HORRIBLE with a 13 month old.


We went to Target because I literally just needed him contained for a bit and also COFFEE.  And then Target told me what else I needed…




I had a quick and unimpressive 3 pm lunch salad.




K learned yet another new trick… like really?!?  It was plenty big enough that he wouldn’t choke but how he got that thing to fit I don’t even know.




For dinner I had an unimpressive chicken fried rice frozen meal with a side of crabby baby.




Now I am drinking a cup of tea because obviously I am starting off my week long hiatus from work with a slight cold.


I really should work on K’s photo books because I am so behind making them.  I wanted to make individual ones for each month before he turned a year and then start doing family books by the year.  So so behind…


But honestly, I might just pick up a book and READ.

Hope your hump day was fantastic!


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