Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi friends!  We had a somewhat odd weekend… I was scheduled to work all 3 days but then got canceled off Saturday, worked Sunday, and then got switched from Monday to work (today) Tuesday.  But now I am sitting home canceled from 7a-11a.  BUT got called in for 11am so off I go in a little bit.

We had a fun weekend for it being all spur of the moment events!  J had to do a little work from home on Friday but then was off for most of the day.




K is obsessed with his little red bike.  In the background of this picture you can also see his new seat that we put together to ride on the back of my bike.  I can’t wait to go for a bike ride tomorrow!




One of J’s friends came for a visit on Saturday and let K sit on his motorcycle.




On Monday we headed to the lake for the first time and we had the best weather!





We finished up the weekend with some playtime at the park.




J and I were a little “off” stomach-wise all day, we are thinking maybe the salads we ordered on Sunday night were bad?!  But we cooked up this easy on the stomach lentil pasta with a lemon parmesan zucchini sauce for dinner.




Now off to work to get slammed with surgical admissions!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!!!

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