Chronicles of K.

A little snapshot of a mommy-ing day…



We either go to the gym so I can take the 8:30am spin class or we just hang out downstairs in the AM before K’s first nap so I can drink some COFFEE.  K eats breakfast and then just plays while I clean up in the kitchen or catch up on e-mails.  Or if I am being honest, some days I just scroll through some instagram stories and try to wake up… ha.




K usually goes down for a nap between 930 and 10 so then I make some breakfast and usually do some exciting laundry!  But now that it is finally nice out I have been doing random yard work, which I actually love.

breakfast: egg and cheese sandwich with a side of a messy living room.





If we have errands to run that day we go when K gets up from his first nap.

If not we just play at home while I try to get some things done around the house.  K has lunch but then also wants to eat whatever I am eating for lunch all. the.time.






K naps again around 3pm.  Sometimes I’ll prep dinner during this time so I am not rushing around later.

J and I have been trying to clean up the diet because, well, summer.  I made this casserole with grilled chicken and a bunch of veggies I had.  I stirred in some low fat ricotta cheese and then threw in a bunch of random spices (I think paprika, onion salt seasoning, and Italian seasoning).  I topped it with just a touch of mozzarella cheese. I thought it was so good!  It reminded me of this broccoli & cheese Ritz cracker dish that my mom makes which is just SINFUL.  SO this was a healthy sub.




K goes to bed around 7 or 8 and then I usually just relax unless I didn’t get too much done during the day.  Mommying is exhausting!  This age is so fun with K but man I am tired at night.



Not the most exciting days sometimes, but that is real life right?




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