K is ONE!

On April 22, 2019 at 6:03 a.m. you turned 1 year old!


You are a crazy and fun little boy who is happy 95% of the time.  You love to crawl real fast and you will cruise along furniture.  You love to walk while holding mommy and daddy’s hands.  You are obsessed with avocados, blueberries, and french toast.




You still love nursing with mama but we are trying to get you excited about sippy cups with whole milk!  You love to give kisses (but only to mama).  You wave hi and bye.  You say “uh oh” when you drop anything.  You LOVE to throw things.  You like to splash in the tub or any water for that matter!  You love to play with the remote controls and cell phones.




You had lots of fun at Grandma’s house celebrating your birthday.





After opening your last present you flopped over and laid on your back.  It was so funny!  Opening all your gifts pooped you right out!



Happy Birthday!  We love you little K 🙂

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