Busy Bee.

I have survived doing my three 12 hr shifts in a row and school last night and now I am a free bird until next Wednesday!  It ended up not being so bad since my babies visited me for lunch on Sunday.  SO overall not too bad, but still three 5am wake up calls in a row is NOT NICE.




K man and I have no exciting plans today other than to get the house back in order after my absence ha.




He is OBSESSED with climbing the stairs.  We are still in the process of installing our baby gates so we need to keep constant watch.




I had some oats for breakfast.




K is still obsessed with french toast.




It is so nice here today!  It is going to rain the next 4 days so we soaked it all in.




Lunch was salad + added a turkey burger when they were done grilling.

turkey burgers: ground turkey + worcestershire sauce + mushrooms + bread crumbs + 1 egg + salt and pepper.  



It was the perfect running temp and I finally got to run in shorts!




It was a perfect Spring day!!



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