Wine-ding Down The Week 37

I just packed up K for his first sleepover by grandma and pop’s house!  I was excited at first but now I’m a little sad because my favorite thing is getting him in the morning because he is so happy.  But I’m sure the uninterrupted AM snoozing tomorrow will help me feel better 🙂


It’s time to mix in some white again!  The slight increase in temperature has me whippin’ out my whites.   Except today is FREEZING and HAILING.  Whatever weather, whatever.

This one was so so good!  It actually didn’t remind me of a chardonnay at all.  It had a lot of apple to it and maybe some lemon hints?  It was quite a wonderful little discovery.  Added to my favorite list!

Louis Jadot Macon Villages
Rating: 10 out of 10


Wish us luck… we still haven’t figured out a plan for parent’s night out and it is almost 7pm.

Enjoy your Friday!

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