Hiking. Lunch. Swim Class.

This week went so so fast I can’t believe it is Friday. It is currently 6 am, I slept terribly because I am on call today so I kept imagining that I got a text to come into work.  They could call me in later but fingers crossed…

We had a decently warm week so we did a lot outside when we could.




We went for a hike.  We took a wrong turn (shocker) and ended up with a 6 miler but K did fine.  This mama’s legs were SCREAMING at the end since I was wearing him the whole time.  I am still sore 2 days later…




I continued my salad kick.




I finally purchased a baby gate for the top of the stairs since I kept finding him like this.  Wish J and I luck on the install… we tend to struggle in this department.




K and I had swim class on Thursday which he continues to LOVE.




We took lots of baths because he eats like a hungry hungry hippo and it is a challenge to wipe him down.




Workouts consisted of a spin classes with hikes and long walks thrown in.  I wish I did better with getting to the gym these last couple of days but I have like 2 blocks of time where it works with timing naps and kids care hours.

This weekend my mom and dad are possibly taking K for Friday into Saturday and we have nothing planned other than waking up when WE WANT TO TOMORROW.

I have never been more excited.

Hopefully be back later with some wine for the week!

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