Canceled. Swings. NJ Diner.

I got canceled for my shift today because of low census… not mad about it!

They cancel in 4 hour increments so that is how we lived life today.  In the early AM we headed to the park for some swinging.


Then we went to our favorite diner for breakfast.


When I got canceled for 11-3 we headed to our church’s late service.  This is the LAST time we do this though because he needs a nap at this time and it is such a disaster getting out of the house.  He took a short nap in the car and then crashed hard later in the afternoon.


Then I got the call that I was canceled for the rest of the day so we finally relaxed.  Well, did some laundry and cleaned up the house a bit but THEN relaxed.

We took a long family walk and then hung in the backyard enjoying some early springtime warmth.


K is OBSESSED with practicing walking.  I pray he learns soon because our backs are killing us.  Ha at least he can figure out how to sit back down after pulling up now so that has been helpful.


J is going to cook us up some dinner and then we are planning an early bedtime since an 8 hr telemetry class + 4 hrs on the floor is on my agenda for tomorrow!

Hope your weekend was fun!

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