334 days. Salads. Running.

Someone turned 11 months recently…


He loves to keep mama on her toes.


He started to pull himself up to standing and is quite proud of himself.  He can stand on his own for a few seconds but I think it still might be a bit until he is walking solo.  But he loves to practice while holding my hands.  ALL DAY LONG.


Lunches have been salads with all the things thrown in.  Chicken on the bottom with yogurt ranch dressing + croutons + raisins + sliced almonds.


We have been doing lots of running outside since the weather has been nice!  Running with this crew makes me a touch slow but at least I am getting out there right?


I am in the process of setting up our back room living space as a kid friendly zone.  He LOVES taking off the top off this ottoman and getting at all his toys.


We are in an exhausting phase.  But a fun one.  He is the coolest kid.

I hope your week has been swell!

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