The Infirmary. Part 2.

Another reason I am DONE with winter…we cannot stay well this month.  One of the three of us has been sick for probably the last 6 weeks.  We have been battling illness again this week so we have hung pretty close to home.


We have been eating winter blues soup on repeat.


K has still been full of energy even with being a little sick.  The only difference in his behavior has been some consistent long naps.  Which this sick mama appreciates.  I embarrassingly watched probably 10 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy yesterday.  I was couch bound besides chasing after K when appropriate.


Today things are looking up.  Late morning I starting feeling a little better so we ventured down to Grandma’s house to get some fresh air and to avoid cabin fever.  We met up with Great-Grandma for lunch.


I made more of the best oatmeal raisin cookies  + chocolate chips.  I also added almonds to give them some extra nutrition.


Now I am drinking some much needed tea and I have an early bedtime on the agenda.  Again, #thisis30


See you tomorrow for some WINE!

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